A Humor Delivery Tip

A great way to deliver your punch word (the key word at the end of
your punchline which triggers the laughter) is to connect it to
some form of vocal variety.  Here’s a technique to take it a step
further.  Think of vocal variety as something connected to your
physical delivery. For example, let’s say that your punch word is
“Help!”  Try saying the word.  Listen to how it sounds.  Now try
this.  Raise your hands above your head. Wave them back and forth.
Open your eyes wide.  Raise your eyebrows.  Now, while doing those
actions, say the word “Help!” again.  Can you hear a difference in
the delivery? You can’t help but deliver the word with more life
and energy.  That’s why you should remember, when delivering your
punch word, to connect the vocal and physical delivery for greater
punch and more impact. It’s not what you say or do…it’s what you
say AND do!