Customized Humor to Make Your Programs Sparkle

1. Arrive early for your program so that you can be totally
prepared and relaxed.  By being completely set up for your program
early, you can watch and listen for opportunities to build
observational humor lines.

2. Put your humor hat on.  The only way I can create customized
on-the-spot humor is to be focused on that specific task.  The
observational lines don’t simply fall from the heavens!  I need to
be deliberately paying attention, with pen and paper in hand,
taking notes.

3. Check out the venue before your program.  Is there something
unusual or funny about the meeting room?  About the hotel?  About
the front entrance?  About signs that are posted around the meeting

4. Before your program begins, listen to all the speeches,
introductions, door prize drawings, and other remarks.  Look for
humorous connections.

5. While you are speaking or performing, listen for audience
feedback and other happenings (the siren from a passing emergency
vehicle, the band in the adjoining room, etc).  Don’t be on
auto-pilot.  Audiences do not make emotional connections with
robots.  React in the moment to the unexpected.  The audience will
love it.  Anticipate unexpected situations and be prepared with
humorous responses.

6. Always be tuned in to everything around you and look for the
funny relationships.  The reward will be great humor that has a
magical power to bond you to the audience.