Humor Skills — Blank Book Title Contest

This contest was inspired when I accidently sent a blank email to my entire subscription list.  I responded

immediately with a contest.  Here’s the email I sent anouncing the contest:


What do you do when you receive a blank ezine?

a. Be happy because you can read it quickly.
b. Believe it is a do-it-yourself ezine…and write your own.
c. Cancel your subscription.
d. Keep your sense of humor.

It seems that a random blank issue from the Humor Power Tips
computer-in-the sky was sent to our list of subscribers four
hours ago.  If you were half as surprised as I was…then I
was twice as surprised as you. Thanks for smiling with me.

How about a contest.  The winner’s prize: When you tell your friends you won…a blank look. It’s all just for the fun of it.

So here it is:

You pull a book off the shelf.  You open it and the entire book is
blank.  You look at the cover and see the title.  What is the title
of the book?

Example titles:
What Men Know About Women
A Politician’s Guide To World Peace
National Geographic’s Arctic Winter Landscapes

Put your humor hat on, write your own blank-book titles, and then compare them to the winners listed below.


The response to our contest was amazing.  Over 300 entries.
And here are the winners!

First Place in Our Blank Book Contest — A 27-Way Tie (in random

The greatest story never told
The Ten Best Things To Say To Someone When You Are Angry
A guide to Successful Marriage by Elizabeth Taylor
Exposed: Inside a photographers dark room
Why Being Lonely, Afraid, and Broke is Fun and Fulfilling
Loving Responses to ‘Get Over It!’
Best Short Stories Written In Invisible Ink
Real Reasons Your Metabolism Keeps You From Losing Weight
Smoking and How It Helps You to Attract the Love of Your Life
Much Ado About Nothing
A Study In Minimalism
A Book of Fill In The Blank
A Book No one Can Argue With
The Sequel To The Last Word
Accidentally Click Delete
Gifts Greater Than Life
What happened before the big bang?
Atheist Plan For Life After Death
2021 Social Security Benefits
How To Win The Lottery
Tricks to Teach Your Cat
What Deer See in the Headlights
Humor Power Tips Award Nominations
My Experiences With Writer’s Block
Times in Life when it is Inappropriate to Pray
Top 100 Blank Book Titles
The CEO Manual of Ethics and Moral Standards