April Humor Contest

April is National Humor Month.  This is a great time to feature not just one contest but TWO.

1.  The Unlucky Person Contest.  This contest idea comes from Les Harden, winner of our March Contest.

Here’s the format.

With my luck….punchline.


With my luck…I’d be the first person to die on Survivor. (line from Les Harden)

With my luck…if I ran for President, I’d win.

With my luck…if I wore a bullet-proof vest, nobody would shoot me.

With my luck…my wife will win the lottery, the day after the divorce is final.

** See the previous posting for 41 humor-line writing tips. **

2.  The April Fool Contest.

Submit your favorite April Fool prank or practical joke (an actual one) that you have either played on someone or which you experienced being played on you.  Not one you’ve simply heard about, but a prank or joke you have personally been an initiator of or victim of.

3.  Send entries for either contest, or for both contests.  We’ll need your submissions not later than April 16.  Submit your best entries to us at: HumorPowerTips@aol.com.  Our panel of judges will vote and we will post the contest results on April 28. 

When you win, we’ll place you under a pedestal.  The first-place entries will win a spot next to past winners on the Humor Power 3X5 Card of Fame! 

Good luck!