Humor Contest About The Future

The theme for our May 2006 Humor Writing Contest is:

In the future…YOUR PUNCHLINE.

Here are some examples.

In the furture…every hotel room in Las Vegas will feature its own Cirque Du Soleil performer.

In the future…the US federal budget will be considered balanced when our national debt will exactly equal our total national assets.

In the future…a Global Warming Conference will convene on the Pacific coast of Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the future…politicians will do what’s best for the country.  (That’s a joke)

In the future…everyone will realize there is nothing but the present.  (Philosophy with a smile)

Entering The Contest

1.  Submit your entries to by May 14.

2.  Try working with a humor buddy to create funnier lines.

3.  Check out our humor writing tips.

4.  Entries will be judged by a panel of speakers and comedy improv players.

5.  We’ll post the results not later than May 24.

6.  The winner will receive the admiration (or disbelief) of family and friends.  And the winner’s name will be added to the Humor Power 3X5 Card of Fame along with past winners:  Nancy Lininger, Terry Wall, Sharon Rhoton, Les Harden, Susan Parsons-keir, and Karen Porter.