Creative Humor Writing

Here’s the information for the June humor contest.

Drum roll…  The Gender Contest

Let’s pretend that the English language is being modified so that “nouns” have gender as they do in many other languages. For example in French “table” is feminine (la table) but “pencil” is masculine (le crayon).  We don’t want to copy the gender labels of other languages.  Instead, we want to create our own logical (funny) reasons for assigning gender to the words.  Here are some examples:

PANTS are feminine.  Because in most homes, it’s the woman who wears them.

PAIR OF SHOES is masculine.  But only in the singular form.  Multiple PAIRS OF SHOES is feminine.

NIGHT STAND is both masculine and feminine.  Because it takes both genders to make one night stand.

THONG is either masculine or feminine.  Unless the wearer is over 40, in which case it has no gender.

COWBOY is masculine.  Unless he’s line dancing.

POP is masculine.  Unless it refers to the sound of an exploding weasel.

PRESIDENT is masculine.  But would be more effective if it were feminine.

Enter the contest.  When is the best time?  Right now!  Write now!
Put on your thinking cap and exercise your creative humor skills. Find a humor buddy you’d love to work with.

Send your best lines to by Thursday, June 15. 

We’ll post the contest results by Tuesday, June 27.

Idea corner:  Here are some themes and writing techniques to get you started:

Cliches and common phrases, as in “one night stand,” and “Multiple pairs of shoes.”

Philosophical or Social Commentary, as in “President.”

Except when….    Unless….   This is a good use of the reversal technique, and applies especially well to this joke theme.

Clothing items, as in “who wears the pants.”  Many clothing items and accessories are very gender specific and lend themselves to this joke theme.

Humorous observation, as in “line dancing.”  Or, “thong over forty.”

Play on words, as in “pop goes the weasel.”

Don’t limit yourself to these ideas, there are many more approaches.  Happy writing!