Creative Humor Writing — The Love Contest

The LOVE Contest — Here are the results.  The best lines were selected by our panel of judges from over 350 entries.

Les Harden becomes our first three-time winner and will become an honorary Judge for future contests.  Congratulations Les.  What’s his secret?  Besides having a talent for humor he consistently submits the largest number of entries each month.  Usually 100 or more.

First Place

I love that I have the best boss in the world…I should have started my own business years earlier.
Les Harden, Brisbane, Australia

Second Place 

I love that know-it-alls don’t.
Nancy Lininger, Camarillo, California

Third Place

I love that Mr. Rogers didn’t give a damn if I liked his cardigan.
Cindy Tebo, Catawissa, Missouri

Honorable Mention (in random order)

I love idiots…they make my boss seem normal.
I love her soft touch, her sweet kiss and the way she wags her tail.
I love that lazy people always want to tell you what to do.
I love that my uncle is a member of a secret society…when I’m mad at him, I tell everybody.
I love that my wife loves strange things…otherwise she may not have married me.
I love serious people that don’t realize how funny they are.
I love that I feel so much lighter when my wife is off my back.
I love that my Brother-in-law is extremely allergic to shellfish but can’t
detect them when they are cut up fine in his meal.
I love that Toastmaster’s are always encouraging and not once has any evaluation stated I need to lose weight.
I love that my grandmother knows all and everything she says is backed up by the International Authorities and Storekeepers of Knowledge…a group called “They.”
I love the fortunetellers that don’t look into their Crystal Balls and
scream in horror.
I love fish but if they find something strange do they think it smells
I love that holding hands with my wife slows down her spending.
I love my wife.  I wish I could make a Taj Mahal for her.
I love that my best friend shares my jeans, and that my sister shares my genes.
I love that my grandkids go home.
I love my husband Bill, but I don’t like bills.
I love that my cat knows all my secrets, but will never tell anyone.
I love the weatherman, just for the humor.
I Love my spouse whenever the Sun rises in the West.
I love that my mom reminds me how many hours she was in labor before I was born.
I love having fun with my kids at Summer vacation destinations like Disney Land, but I absolutely adore the Fall.  That’s when the kids go back to school and quit asking “Are we there, yet?”
I love when my wife decides to stay up all night.  That’s when I get my best sleep.