Creative Humor Writing — The Love Contest

It’s time for our July humor writing feature…The LOVE Contest.
A creative writing exercise just for the fun of it.
Tell us what you love about someone.

I love…that my husband treats me like a queen, but doesn’t crown me when we disagree.
I love…that my kids can misbehave and still make me smile.
I love…that the President has a term limit.
I love…that my grandmother knows someone who was seriously injured performing any activity which I’m currently doing.
I love…that the other people in the gym don’t watch me while I’m exercising, because they’re too busy watching themselves in the mirror.

These will be observations:
– about people and pets (not about things or inanimate objects).
– which are often true.  (Let me tell you about my grandmother.)
– which are sometimes tongue-in-cheek humor.
– which are sometimes exaggerated.
– which sometimes point to the inconsistencies and imbalances of life.
– which sometimes play with the language.
– which include your own twist and take on life.
– which make YOU smile.

To enter the contest:
1.  Put on your thinking cap.  Jot down some initial lines.
2.  Ideally, find a humor buddy to help you sharpen your ideas.
3.  Sleep on it (the ideas, not your buddy).
4.  Select your best lines and send them to
5.  We need your entries not later than July 15.
6.  We’ll post the results by the end of the month.
7.  The winners will receive a look of amazement when they tell their friends.