World Smile Day

Today is World Smile Day.  A smile makes you appear friendly, trustworthy and attractive.  Make a choice to share your smile often.  Flash a smile at a stranger and see what happens!  I’ll bet they smile back at you. 

Don’t smile at:
  – A person wearing a ski mask in a bank.
   – A drunk in a singles bar.
  – Someone with a serious frown leaving an IRS audit.

Do smile at:
  -Everyone else.

Smile at someone who isn’t smiling.  Smile at someone who is preoccupied.  Smile at someone who looks like nobody has smiled at them for weeks.  It’ll be good for them.  It will be great for you.

To give you a smile, check out our Pet Peeve Limerick Contest for October. 

Horn Honkers are Bonkers
I blinked when the light changed from red,
The guy behind me must think I’m dead.
With anger and scorn,
He lays on his horn,
World smile day never entered his head.

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