Creative Humor Writing — Favorite Things Limericks

Happy Holidays!

Tis the season to be jolly.

The creative humor writing challenge for the December contest was to write a Limerick about your Favorite Things. 

Here are the top Favorite-Thing Limericks submissions.  Enjoy!



First “Impression”

I love being my spouse’s Mister
Our first date, I couldn’t resist her
It’s mostly a blur
But I know for sure
The greatest part was when I kissed her!!

S Frank Stringham, Las Vegas, NV


Plastic Joy

There once was a girl with a doll
That doll could pee-pee and then bawl
It made me feel glad
To know that her dad
GI Joe was just 12-inches tall!

Kathy Carlton Willis, Burlington, KY

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

Sweet smoke
You may think it mediocre
I did love being a smoker
I had to submit
And finally quit
Or end up an early croaker.

Story Time
Reading is a joy that’s hot
On finding a nice quiet spot
The story evolves
the plot unfolds
until the ending that’s soon forgot.

A Few Words 
Strive to give the perfect speech
Grasping every soul in reach.
Ignite the passion
In such a fashion
That enhances what you preach. 

Competition is an obsession
Chasing wins with so much aggression
The sweet caress
Of a winner’s success
Can erase a loser’s depression.

This must be a favourite thing
Tying words in a humorous string
First there’s a notion
Causing emotion 
Until laughter it soon does bring.

Lazy Bones
Oh for a moment of leisure
Where resting is such a treasure
Without being idle
I’m homicidal
And really do need the pleasure.

I love a home that’s clean and breezy
One that’s dirty feels so sleazy
So It’s a bit Crazy
That I am so Lazy
Instead of cleaning I take it easy.

Balancing Act
They say life is great with a pet
Or playing some sports till you sweat
But I have the gall
To tell all y’all
The best thing is having no debt!!
Bread and Bettor
You may think that I am a rookie
When I’d rather not have a cookie
The dough on my mind
Is really the kind
That I can collect from my bookie.

Wedded Blister
My wedding day came with great force
And shortly, a bitter divorce
But now that I’m free
My friends can all see
I haven’t a bit of remorse.

Go And Thin No More
Our romance is fervently quickening
Though others may say that it’s “sickening”
I “hear” with a lisp
It’s clear and it’s crisp
Our love life is really just “th’ickening.”

Little Blessing
It doesn’t take much to be happy
I just look at her there, in her nappy
Then once in a while
She gives me a smile
I’m so blessed to be her Pappy.

The Perfect Place
Alone in the Australian Outback
Freedom is just down the track
The bush and it’s smells
Revitalise brain cells
With a harmony that Cities do lack.

My life’s most wonderful pleasures
Are way beyond standard measures 
They are souvenirs
Of the passing years
Kept in a box of secret Treasures

Go With The Urge
Nothing’s better than a big laugh
Bringing joy at time and a half
It surpasses a smile
Makes life worthwhile
Even if all think you are daft.

I don’t want wine, women and song,
I’m sick of being strung along
So for my leisure
To give me pleasure
I watch DVD’s all day long

Trouble and Strife
Ever since I first met my Wife
All so often I’m deep in strife.
Yet come what may
I’ve got to say
She’s the best thing in all of my life.

Life’s Pursuit
Life is full of twists and turns
Facing all of fates concerns.
But once on top
You must not stop
For joy is in what one learns

And finally a fun “favorite thing” poem not in limerick form:

Dinner Music
Meatloaf makes me happy
The music not the meal
I think he’s rare
And quite well done
For many years
My number one
Dashboard Lights
Bat Out of Hell
I sing them loud
though not very well
Friends and family
find it funny
That Meatloaf is
My lifetime honey