Holiday Humor

 I received the MidMonth Mirth Memo from Allen Klein today.  It’s an excellent, quick and easy-to-read humor resource and it’s free.  Send an email to This month he shares The Five Things I Learned from Santa Claus.  I added fifteen more.  Thanks Allen for brightening my day.

Twenty Things I Learned from Santa Claus

1.  Dress in colorful clothing.
2.  Lose the girdle.
3.  See the world.
4.  Let others do the heavy lifting.
5.  Keep working, if only part time.
6.  You can look vibrant on a diet of cookies and milk.
7.  Enjoy the company of children.
8.  Be flattered when people impersonate you.
9.  Give more than you receive.
10. You don’t need GPS when tracked by NORAD.
11. Treat all people nicely.
12. Don’t let kids see you kissing their mom.
13. Spread peace and goodwill.
14. Wear a suit that repels soot.
15. Hire the social outcast.
16. Avoid running over grandmothers.
17. Appreciate a spouse who doesn’t mind buisness trips.
18. Admire people who take long trips without luggage.
19. Don’t visit a library wearing bells on your shoes.
20. Laugh frequently and loudly.