Humor Skills — Creative Writing — The Favorite Thing Limerick

It’s time to boost your humor skills again.  The December Humor Power Tips contest!   Our Pet Peeve Limerick Contest two months ago was so popular that we’re featuring another limerick contest again this month.

The Favorite Thing Limerick Contest is the flip side of our October contest when you created humor based on things that irritated you.  This month we’ll look at the things you like.  The things you love.  The things that make you feel good. 

Create a limerick or two.  Or a dozen.  For an extra (optional) challenge, give each limerick a title.  And submit your best ones to by Friday, December 15, 2006.  We’ll recognize the best limericks by the end of the month.  Good luck.  Good writing.  Have fun!

Here’s a sample to get you started:

Sometimes I find it funny,
That people so love their money.
‘Cause the source of strife
If gone from my life
Is the gentle touch of my honey.

The winner of our October limerick contest, S Frank Stringham (a brilliantly funny and talented performer who was featured on the opening show of America’s Got Talent), has written a great blog post on How To Write an Award-Winning  Limerick.  Check it out.