Presentation Skills Creativity — Combining Several Arts

We can be inspired by the excellence and creativity of others.  Whether we’re watching gymnastics, skating, the olympics, a dance or musical performance or some other form of sport or performance art, the high level of perfection can inspire us to lift our own performance to new levels.  Of special interest to me is how people combine the thinking from two or more fields to create something new and exceptional.

 Here’s a link to a really fun and interesting video featuring mime Jerome Murat.  I was pointed to the video by my good friend and conversation expert Loren Ekroth.  Although the opening of the video is in the French language, 95 percent of the video is mime (no spoken words).  What’s really interesting is how the artist combines the art of mime with the art of magic, puppetry and choreography.  Those of you who are magicians will recognize some standard magic techniques used to produce the amazing illusion you’ll see on the video.  Just when you think the video is over, keep watching.  It gets even more amazing.

Just as humor is normally a combination of two previously unrelated things; so too are many other forms of creativity.  Look for opportunities to combine elements from two or more areas in which you have expertise.  You never know what the result will be. 

You’ll enjoy the video!