Humor and Creativity — Headlines Contest

Kick-off your new year by stimulating your humor creativity.  Our theme for the January Humor Contest is:  Headlines We’ll Never See!

There is more than one angle you can use to approach this writing challenge.  You can create headlines you’d like to see but think you never will.  Or you can create headlines that you’d really rather not see.  Both approaches will work well to get your creativity flowing. 

Here are some examples to get you going:

Headlines We’ll Never See!

  Rosie and Donald Celebrate Wedding of The Century

  Arms Manufacturers File Bankruptcy Due of World Peace

  Cat Obedience School Opens

  Gold Medal Awarded in First Olympic Deal-or-No-Deal Competition

  Federal Deficit Eliminated

  Presidential Campaign Conducted Without Negative Attack Ads

Enter the Contest

1.  Put on your thinking cap and see what you can create.

2.  Let your ideas simmer for at least overnight before you submit them.

3.  Working with a humor buddy is a good idea.  I have two humor buddies to critique my humor ideas.

4.  Submit your best lines to by Sunday, January 14.

5.  We’ll post the best lines, and recognize the top lines, by the end of the month.  Enter just for the fun of it.