Humor Skills — Creative Writing Challenge

Twisted Movie Titles  — Humor Contest

Your challenge for the February contest is to create original movie titles.  These will be movies which do not exist.  Your title should be followed by a short sub-title, OR followed by a one-line TV-Guide-type description of the movie.

Here are a few examples:

Your movie twists could combine two actual movie titles.

     The Wizard of Jaws.  Dorothy and Toto visit the world of Captain Nemo.

     It’s a Wonderful Knife.  Modern day remake of Psycho soon to be a holiday favorite.

     The Green Smile.  The Grinch graduates from charm school.

Or your twists could work with a character or celebrity name.

     Psychic Powers.  A lame comedy featuring the clairvoyant brother of Austin Powers.

     Crouching Tiger.  An educational film on the art of lining up golf putts.

     The Elton John.  A travelogue tour of the pop star’s master suite bathroom.

Or your twists could look for an unlikely sequel.

     Moorhead.  The little-known sequel to Fargo.

     Bored of the Rings.  A long-unanticipated sequel to the trilogy.

     The Olivia Newton John.  Sequel to The Elton John.

Or your twists could simply play with synonyms or rhyming words.  Note that most of the previous examples played with synonyms/rhymes and added another twist element.

     The Sound of Muzak.  Terror in a glass elevator.

     Silence of the Hams.  The day that comedy died.

     Malice in Wonderland.  Lobbyists in Washington.  An inconvenient truth.

Or come up with your own twist for a movie title.  You’re not limited to the themes listed above.  They were provided only as examples to get you started.

Creativity tip:  Start with a list of current movies, your favorite films and famous big-screen classics.  Next, make a list of celebrities.  Then start to look for connections, twists and relationships.

To enter the contest:

1.  Create your original and humorous movie titles.

2.  Pass your ideas by a friend or humor buddy.

3.  Sleep on it.

4.  Select your best lines.

5.  Submit your entries to by February 15, 2007.

6.  The winner will receive a copy of the just-released What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting by Ted Demopoulos.  The book features real-life advice from 101 people who have successfully leveraged the power of the Blogosphere (The Humor Power Blog is featured in chapter eight). Click here for a review and another review of the book both published in The Biz of Knowledge Blog.

The two contest runners up will receive Ted’s new Blogging Tips booklet.  Check out Ted’s blog about Successful Business Blogging.  His blog featured a recent post about John Kinde’s first year’s experience as a blogger.