Creative Humor Writing Contest — Marriage

Marriages Made In Humor Heaven

Our humor writing challenge this month is looking for humorous connections when two names are paired together by marriage.

For example:

If Mr T had married Vanilla Ice…he would be Mr Ice-T.

If Mama Cass had married Barak Obama…she would have been Mama Obama.

If Shirley Temple had married Beau Geste and her middle name was Ursula…her name would have been Shirley U Geste.

Here are some writing tips:

1.  Make a list of fun sounding names.  Look for names with double meanings.  For example some names are also nouns, verbs, adjectives, and locations:  George Bush, Stevie Wonder, Red Buttons, Carrot Top, Paris Hilton, Johnny Cash, Janet Reno.

2.  From the list you’ve made (if you’ve done it right it will be a LONG list) look for humorous connections.  With a long list, humorous connections will almost fall in your lap, once you get into the groove.

3.  Some of the name combinations will be hyphenated names.
Some will be novel combinations of first and last names.
Some will use initials.
Some will use more than one first name or more than one last name.
Some of the combinations you find will be unique to your creative mind only.
Some of the combinations will be punny…and not funny…but that’s OK.  It’s about the creative process and it’s not critical that each line has your friends rolling on the floor.

4.  Write down all your lines.

5.  Sleep on it.

6.  Re-write and find tune your lines.  Bounce them off your humor buddies.

7.  Select your best lines and submit them to by April 15, after you’ve submitted your tax return.