Marriages Made In Humor Heaven — Creative Writing Contest

Here are the winners from our Marriages Made In Humor Heaven contest for April.

This writing exercise was a fun way to practice making humorous connections, a basic skill in creating original humor.  Coming soon — look for an article on on writing humor for formula or pattern games and how to break out of the pattern to find new angles.


If Angelina Jolie married Orlando Bloom, she would be Va Va Voom Bloom.
     Jim Spero, Las Vegas, Nevada


If Cher married U2’s Bono, she would be Cher.
     Brian Hinton, Rochester, Minnesota


If Oprah Winfry married Deepak Chopra, she would be Oprah Chopra.
     Kim Spero, Las Vegas, Nevada

**HONORABLE MENTION** (in random order)

If Roseanne Barr married Bill Nunn, she would be Ms Barr-Nunn.

If Latoya London married Lloyd Bridges, she would be Latoya London-Bridges.

If Billie Bird married Nicolas Cage, she would be Billie Bird-Cage.

If Billie Bird married Ryan Michelle Bathe, she would be Billie Bird-Bathe.

If A.J.Cook married Louis Koo, then divorced Louis to marry author Geoff Klock, she would be A.J. Cook-Koo-Klock.

If Yo-Yo Ma married anyone, the name couldn’t be funnier.

If Milla Jojovich married Bob Villa, she would be Milla Villa.

If Sgt. Pepper married “Belle” from beauty and the beast, she would be Bell Pepper.
If Carrie Fisher married Billie Jean King, she would be Carrie Fisher-King.

If Susan Srandon married Shelley Berman, she would be Sue Berman.

If Charlotte Stacy Rampling married Jack Webb, she would be Charlotte S. Webb.

If Eva Marie Saint married Dan Patrick, she would be Eva Marie Saint-Patrick.
If Billie Jean King married Etta James, she would be Billie Jean King-James.