Creative Humor Writing — Presidential Choices

Are you tired of the same old choices for President?  Are you tired of voting for people?  What if anything could run for President?  A company, a concept, an animal, a city, a country, a color, a language, a food, a planet?  That’s the theme of this month’s contest.  Here are some examples:

If Wal-Mart ran for President their campaign slogan would be:  Low Taxes…Always!

If Las Vegas ran for President, what happens in the White House would stay in the White House.

If Global Warming ran for President we’d realize that the problem all along was the hot air from political campaign speeches.

If money ran for President…wait a minute…that’s not new.

Here’s your challenge:

1.  Don’t limit your self to a small number of categories.  Part of the creativity exercise is to find the most unlikely candidates for President.

2.  Write down interesting candidate choices even if you don’t have a punchline.  You can work on the funny part later.

3.  Brainstorm.  Write.  Let it simmer or a few days.  Bounce your ideas past your humor buddy.

4.  Submit your best lines to: by May 15, 2007.

5.  The top lines will be published by the end of the month.

6.  Happy writing!