Quirky Perks — June Humor Writing Contest

This humor-writing contest was inspired by a news feature on AOL about workers at a brewery who received a “perk” of a case of beer.  I started to wonder:  What other possible quirky perks might companies offer employees.

We’re looking for made up perks — not real ones.  Use your imagination to come up with some far-out, made-up, tongue-in-cheek perks.

Here are some examples:

Workers at Sansbag Airline receive free luggage once a quarter.  The clothing in the bags is not guaranteed to fit the employee.

Law enforcement officers are provided two nights free lodging while on vacation.  May be required to share accommodations with someone named Bubba.  Frequent travelers allowed to park inside the barbed wire fence.

Members of congress receive an annual pension larger than their salary while serving in office.  Wait…that’s not a perk…that’s an entitlement.

To Enter the Contest:

1.  Pick a company or make up a company and brainstorm funny perks they might offer.

2.  Or use a reverse approach.  Think of a strange perk and then search for a company that might offer it.

3.  Write down you ideas.  Go for quantity.

4.  Sleep on it.

5.  Edit.  Edit.  Edit.  This is where you work on quality.

6.  Bounce your ideas off your humor buddy.

7.  Submit your best lines to HumorPowerTips@HumorPower.com by June 15, 2007.

8.  The best lines will be announced before the end of the month.