Creative Humor Writing — Jobs To Please Our Parents

One of our Ezine subscribers, funny-guy Sol Morrison from Santa Barbara, suggested this month’s contest theme:  Jobs To Please Our Parents.

Sol shares an example:

My  Mom  wanted me to manage the family-owned fruit orchard but my Dad said I should make shoes.  So I became a Peach Cobbler.

Here are three samples I wrote:

My Mom wanted me to go into the underwear business but my Dad wanted me to open an internet dating service.  So I opened a business called Brief Encounters.

My Mom wanted me to be a geologist but my Dad wanted me to be an astronomer.  So I became a Rock Star.

My Mom wanted me to be a baker but my Dad wanted me to be a math teacher.  So I opened a dessert shop called Pie R Squared.

1.  This is a great writing exercise because it gets to the heart of what makes humor tick–finding relationship connections.

2.  Take the challenge to spend five or ten minutes creating some funny lines.

3.  Let them simmer overnight.  Edit and rewrite.  Bounce them off your humor buddy.

4.  Submit your best lines to by August 15, 2007.

5.  We’ll publish the best lines by the end of the month.