Cartoon Caption Contest

Welcome to a new feature.  A Cartoon Caption Contest featuring professional cartoonist Dan Rosandich.

Click here to see the contest cartoon on Dan’s web site.

Here are three captions to get you started:

   – So I said to the bartender:  “I’ll have a grasshopper.”

   – Guido was becoming a pest.  For twenty-nine bucks, the Orkin Man took care of him.

   – Tomorrow night I get to wear the beetle outfit.

To enter the contest:

1.  For some ideas on writing captions, check out the article:  19 Ideas For Writing Funny Cartoon Captions.

2.  Write.  Sleep on it.  Rewrite.  Work with a buddy.  Click here to see the contest cartoon.

3.  Send your best lines to by September 15, 2007.

4.  Enter just for the fun of it and to grow your humor skills.  The best lines will be published before the end of the month.

Also, check out Dan’s Cartoon web site!   It will provide you with a great source of cartoons.  Studying the cartoons will sharpen your humor skills.  You can select from thousands of cartoons sorted by subject category.