So You Made A Mistake!

A popular topic on today’s blogs is the Miss Teen USA contest and resulting spoofs.  A contestant, Miss South Carolina, draws a blank mind when answering a question, but keeps on talking anyway.  My observations:

1.  It is funny.

2.  At the same time, you can’t help but feel sorry for the contestant.

3.  Here’s the important thing to realize.  It could be any of us.  When the brain freezes we lose control, even if just for a moment.

4.  Hopefully the contestant finds the humor in the situation the day after.  She did a good job in a follow-up interview.

5.  Here’s the big question:  Can you find the humor in your own mistakes?  Can you laugh as hard at yourself as you do at others?  A yes answer is healthy.  We should first and foremost be able to laugh at ourselves!

6.  When you’ve been caught making a big mistake…own it.  Be the first to poke fun at yourself.  It helps to disarm the issue.  There have been several spoofs on the internet about the incident today.  I was glad to see that one of the spoofs was produced by the contestant herself.  Way to go!  I’d love to see her on Jay Leno tonight.  Or on David Letterman doing the Top-Ten.  And in two days I’d recommend an appearance on Saturday Night Live!