Cartoon Caption Contest

It’s time for our October Cartoon Caption Contest featuring the artwork of professional cartoonist Dan Rosandich.

Click here to see the cartoon for this month’s contest.

Your challenge is to write a caption for the cartoon which describes what’s happening or provides dialogue for the characters.  Normally the shorter the caption the better.  A caption with six words if often twice as good as a caption with twelve words.  Not always…but it’s a good thing to think about.

Do your normal creative routine.  Write captions then set them aside for awhile.  Revisit them and rewrite the lines.  Work with your humor buddy to refine your captions.

Here are three sample captions to get you started:

   Tomorrow we look for oil.

   They say we’re responsible for the glaciers melting.

   You throw this to someone who’s drowning.

To Enter The Contest:

1.  Select your best lines.

2.  Submit them to by Sunday, October 14, 2007.

3.  The top captions will be posted by the end of the month.

4.  If you’re looking for cartoons for a book, speech, other project or just for a fun time:  Visit the web site of Dan Rosandich,

5.  Click here to see the results of last month’s contest.