Creative Humor Writing — Quirky Paychecks

This month’s joke conest was suggested by my funny friend, Sol Morrison from Santa Barbara, California.

The theme is Quirky Paychecks!

The form of the joke will be something like:

(Profession) gets paid in (punchline).

Here are some examples:

Librarians get paid in hush money.
Deer hunters get paid big bucks.
Refrigeration technicians get paid in cold cash.

This is a great writing exercise because if focuses on coming up with connections and relationships which you had not previously thought of.  The more you sharpen this skill, the better you become at creating all forms of humor.

One way to approach this contest is to make a list of professions and go searching for the “money” connection.

Another way to work on the challenge is to start with a list of “money terms” and go searching for professions to match.


1.  Write as many lines as you think of.  Coming up with a great line is a numbers game.  Write a large quantity of lines and then weed out the weak ones.

2.  Sleep on it.  Re-write.

3.  Bounce your best lines off a humor buddy.

4.  Be selective.  Pick your best lines and submit them to by Wednesday, September 26, 2007.

5.  The best lines will be posted early in October.