The Last Lecture of Dr Randy Pausch

Forty-six-year-old Carnegie Mellon University computer science Professor Randy Pausch, dying from pancreatic cancer, gives his last lecture on September 18, 2007.  A motivational speech delivered by a real person.  Learning points from the viewpoint of public speaking:
1.  Have fun in the present moment.
2.  The power of humor.  Often, the more serious the topic, the more appropriate it is to use humor.
3.  Be conversational.  He didn’t lecture.  He visited with us.
4.  Notes are OK.  Glance at the notes and speak from the heart.
5.  The power of original stories.  He talks about his life.
6.  Visuals add power.  Photos and video clips are worth 1000 words.
7.  Know your limits:  “I’m not going to talk about my wife and kids.”
8.  Know the parameters of your talk:  “I’m not going to talk about spirituality.”
9.  Watch the close.  I thought, wow, he’s only left two minutes for the close.  And he did it in 27 seconds.  With impact.

CBS News four-minute version of the story.

Google video:  One hour twenty-five minute video of the whole speech (highly recommended).   Or try this link.

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