Top Ten Most Influential Blogs on Public Speaking

Here’s a great post on The Ten Most Influential Bloggers on Public Speaking published by Eric Feng’s The Public Speaking Blog.

What’s really nice about the post is that he ranks the sites AND tells you why he ranked them the way he did.  After reading Eric’s reviews, you’ll know which blogs you’ll want to visit.

Here are the top ten:

1.  Garr Reynolds — Presentation Zen

2.  Life Hacker

3.  John Kinde — Humor Power

4.  Nancy Tierney — Unconditional Confidence

5.  Tom Antion — Great Public Speaking

6.  Paul Evans — Instant Speaking Success

7.  Steve Pavlina — Personal Development For Smart People

8.  Darren Fleming — Executive Speaking

9.  Gary Guwe — Connexion! Communication Resources!

10.  Bronwyn Ritchie — Pivotal Public Speaking

Visit Eric’s post for the full reviews of these sites.