Cartoon Caption Contest Results

We had 350 entries in our Caveman Cartoon Contest.  Our panel of seven judges selected our top lines.  Enjoy!

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And now…our October Cartoon Caption Contest results:



How will we ever carry it down this hill?
   Jim Potter, Hutchinson, Kansas, USA


This won’t fit on her finger; but I bet it’ll be the talk of the cave.
   Grace, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


It’s so easy, a modern man could do it.
   Michael Cortes, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

Look son…it’s your IQ.
It represents love…you’d understand if you played tennis.
Idiot, it’s not a cornerstone!
Ed, it doesn’t LOOK like a 78R15.
I didn’t say wheel.  I said whee!
The first step in a unicycle.
The invention of rock & roll.
Now, let’s put the finishing touches and make it look like Michelin.
No, this isn’t as important as the lighter I invented yesterday.
One small wheel for a man…
We are halfway through to the digital age.
Are you sure one of these is enough?
I say let the celebrities make their own darn HOLLYWOOD sign!
This ring should keep her home
Me make wedding band for T-Rex!
I’d like to see the folks at GEICO try to do this.
And then she is going to ask, “Why can’t you do something productive?”
This should be good for 75,000 miles or years, which ever comes first.
Now I’ll stick it in the boiling wooly mammoth fat, and you go get the chocolate sprinkles.
As soon as we get  that Smog Check, we can take her out for a spin.
This is too much work.  We need to make one that is all-season.
Just chip away anything that is not a wheel.
I foresee the day when these will be what drives the commerce of powerful nations.  Only they’ll be much smaller and be sold by the dozen to law enforcement officers.
Before we go public with our idea, we should really look at what Internet names are still available.
Great sculpture, Bob, but wasn’t the assignment to create something USEFUL?
This monument to the Sun seems like a big waste of time.
Of course it rocks. It’s gonna be a rolling stone.
Wheel be famous!
Programming is fun, but making the binary numbers is hard work.
If we were meant to roll why did we evolve with feet?
Real heroes do more than zeros.
We’ve invented a rock movement!
Add a “G” and the tribe will know it’s your cave.
Shouldn’t a compact disk be smaller?
Four more, then we’ll do the crosses.
Come on, let’s see what this baby can do?
Seventeen more and we’ll have the world’s first eighteen-wheeler.