Creative Humor Writing

Our October Joke Writing Contest: Places To Meet People.  It’s a humor contest just for the fun of it.  The theme of the contest was suggested by Sol Morrison from Santa Barbara, California, USA.

The challenge in this writing exercise is to connect the name of a person (real or fictitious) or a group of people, to an occupation or workplace or other location. 

When making up names, it would be nice if they sound like something that COULD be a real name.  Work from a list of names and connect them with locations/occupations.  Then work the opposite direction, starting with locations/occupations and looking for names.

Here are some creative possibilities:  Look for names that link to a specific workplace.  Look for names that create a verb/object pattern.  Look for names that create a possessive, like David’s Letterman Jacket.  Look for names that sound like a longer word.  Look for names that can be subtly blended into a sentence, as we did with the word MENU, in this case linking to a group of people (men) and not a specific name.  Don’t limit yourself to these ideas.

Here are some examples:

I went to the Mortuary to meet my friend Paul Bearer.
I go to Court to watch my attorney Sue Mee.
I go to the Bowling Alley to see Lois’ Lane.
I tried to introduce a bill in Congress but was held up by Phil O. Buster.
I go to a Restaurant to look at the men.  You?


1.  Put on  your humor hat and brainstorm without regard to quality.

2.  Set your work aside and come back to it later.

3.  Pass your good lines by your humor buddy.

4.  Select your best lines and then submit them to by October 28, 2007.

5.  The best lines will be recognized early in November.