International Humor and Public Speaking Tips

Eric Feng, a bright, energetic, young public speaking coach from Singapore has added a new feature to his site, The Public Speaking Blog.  Every week for the past four weeks he highlights the Top Five Public Speaking Articles To Read.  He’s an avid reader, screens many of the blog posts and articles which appear on the internet each week,  summarizes the best for you, and provides you a link to the original article. 

Earlier this year, Eric wrote an article on international humor, for our blog, called, So You Think You can Make A Singaporean Laugh.  Recently he posted another cross-cultural humor article on his own blog:  Who Says Sri Lankans Aren’t Funny People?  Eric is currently living in Sri Lanka and shares his experiences at a speech contest in that country.  He shows us how everyone has a sense of humor and observes what makes it tick.