Names and Places — Joke Contest Results

Here are the top entries from our Places To Meet Friends joke writing contest.

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And our joke writing contest is announced on the 15th. 

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And now for our top lines:


At the bank, I saw Bonnie Ann Clyde.
     Les Harden, Brisbane, Australia


I’m in a French exercise class with the instructor Jacque Strap.
     David Bianco, Rowlett, Texas


Phil R. Rupp works as a gas station attendant.
     Gary E Bachman, Hagerstown, Maryland


I called our local council to complain about my neighbors noisy roosters and was put on to Mr Crowe!
     Anna Stonnell, New Zealand


I go the improv to see Hugh Moore.
I get assertiveness training from Mae Bea Knott.
I go to the pet store to get Kitty Bartholomeew.
I go to the cherry orchard to see Zee Pitts.
When the police take me away, I get to hear my Miranda Wright.
I bought a living room set from salesperson Otto Mann.
Mark S. Mann works as a police sniper.
At the Mortuary I met Paul Bearer’s assistant, Doug Graves.
At Acme Adhesives, I saw James Bond.
At the Seaside, I saw Sandy Beach and C. Shells.
In the Whitehouse garden, I saw George’s Bush.
At the Aussie diner I saw Cook Aburra.
The Spaghetti Emporium is the place to meet Al Dente.
At the Gallery I was introduced Art Major and Art Sellers.
At the speakeasy I got a bang out of meeting Tommy Gunn.
Every October, I look forward to seeing Hal Loween.
Have you met Justin Time? He’s the city’s most reliable taxi driver.
At the physics fair, I learned at lot from Krystal Ball.
At the charity fundraiser, I meet Benny Factor.
At work I rely on my courier, Dee Liver.
At the musical store I met Dee Minor and Bea Major.
At work, the most stubborn employee is Don Key.
I went to the Casino to be introduced to Lotta Cash.
I looked but Dan Druff wasn’t at Hair Revival.
I’ve had a change of attitude since I’ve met Will Doo!
At Vegas I want to acquaint with Winsom Cash.
At Microsoft, I crashed into Bill’s Gates.
I went to the castle to see Frank and Stein.
There’s something off-putting about Bea Ware.
In China Town I met Rick Shaw.
The attorney said it was Frank Lloyd’s right.
James’ Watt lit up the presentation.
Breakfast was great with Chris P. Bacon.
On our driving holiday we often saw Dusty Rhodes.
For fish bait, I dig worms with Earl E. Bird.
I dig holes with my co-worker, Archie Bunker.
The dentist told me to avoid Ginger Vitus.
After dinner, I enjoyed chocolates with Hazle Nutt. 
The police are on the lookout for Moe Lestor.
At the bar, Bud Wieser was great company.
At a political convention, I met Adam’s Handler.
At the Tenpin Alley I saw that David Bowles and then Tara Bowles.
I bought suntan lotion from our local pharmacist, Sam Brownback.
While trick or treating I saw old Candy Bowles but I hear her daughter Candy Cains is very sweet.
At the local church I learned to love my friends Faith, Hope and Charity Moore.
At the hospital benefit, I met Doctors Drew Blood, Fanny Payne and Willet Hurtmore.
At the collector fair, I saw Ann Teak. She holds up well considering her age.