Quirky Writing Styles — Joke Writing Contest

Quirky Writing Styles — Joke Writing Contest

It’s time for our November joke contest.

Ask yourself, “What could be a humorous twist about the writing style of a certain type of writer or author?”

To get you started…

Here are some examples:

Ghost writers pen their books in invisible ink.
Writers for Field And Stream are always fishing for the right word.
The results of theater auditions are always type-cast.
Gas station owners write their memos with un-leaded pencils.
Gandhi wrote with India ink.

Get the idea?  It’s fun and stimulates your creative thinking.

You can work from a couple of different directions.  Start with a type of writer and look for the style twist.  Or start with a type of writing style and then search for the writer or author who might use that style.  Or go off on a tangent and come up with something using a totally different angle.

Write your ideas.  Edit and rewrite to make them funnier.  Pick your top lines and submit them to HumorPowerTips@HumorPower.com by November 28, 2007.