Cartoon Caption Contest — Creative Writing

Here is the new Cartoon Caption Contest featuring the artwork of Professional Cartoonist Dan Rosandich.

Take the challenge to create a funny caption for this cartoon.

Our new Joke Writing Contest will be announced on January 15.

Here is this month’s cartoon and a few captions to get you started:

Alien Cartoon

   Looks like no intelligent life here.
   They must be the politicians.
   I thought you made a reservation for a non-smoking planet.

What would one alien say to the other?  That’s your challenge.

Try to come up with several captions.  Put them on the shelf for a day or two.  Then rewrite to sharpen the humor. 

Work with a humor buddy.

Refine your captions and then select your best lines and submit them to by January 15.

Visit the web site of Dan Rosandich for a directory of great cartoons.  Contact Dan for custom cartoon work for your book, web site, business card, greeting card, T-Shirt, or any other project.