Games People Play — Creative Joke Writing

This month’s contest theme was suggested by Steve Pavlina.  It’s called Games People Play.

Here’s how it works.  Look for matches in the format:  (Occupation or group of people) love to play (game).

For example:  Convicts love to play Life.

You can create lines with real games.
You can create lines with fabricated games.
You can mix and match game elements.
Or try anything else you think works and fits the theme

Some examples.


Court defendants love to play the game of Sorry!
Police officers love to play Blackjack.


Drug addicts love to play Crackgammon.
White collar criminals love to play Steal-A-Fortune.


Nathan’s Hot Dog Champions love discovering Col Mustard in the Kitchen.
British tabloid writers love it when the Queen’s Bishop jumps the King’s Knight.


1.  Start by looking for connections. 

Make a list of as many games as you can think of (Poker–Battleship–Jacks–Pool). 

Make sub-lists of aspects of those games (Monopoly–Railroads–Hotels–Play Money). 

Make a list of people and groups (Lawyers–Texans–Bugs Bunny–Donald Trump).

2.  Look for links to connect ideas from the lists you created.

3.  Draft some joke lines.  Let them sit overnight.  Rework the lines.  Bounce them off a humor buddy.

4.  Select your best lines.

5.  Submit them to by December 30, 2007.

6.  The best lines will be published before mid-January.