Creative Humor Writing — Humor Contest Results

Here are the results of our Games People Play contest.


Gift shop owners sell Tic Tac Toe sets to make knick knack dough.
     Gary Bachman, Hagerstown, Maryland, USA


Fishermen play Whose Line is it Anyway.
     Jim Spero, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Bartenders play gin rummy.
     Nancy Lininger, Camarillo, California, USA

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

Plumbers like winning poker with a flush.
Vegetable growers love to play squash.
The Writers Guild of America love to bowl and get lots of strikes. 
Mimes love to play charades.
Theater owners love when they get a full house. 
Gays love winning a poker hand with a straight. 
Miners Love Picktionary.
Hermits Love sCRABble.
Air Force Debutantes love Base Ball.
Spin doctors play roulette.
Pianists, locksmiths, and Floridians are 3 people who play on keys.
Dieters play to lose.
Mud wrestlers play dirty.
Phlebotomists play poke her.
Plastic surgeons play Tug-of-Pore
Plastic surgeons and psychiatrists play hide-and-seek.
Orchestras play musical chairs.
Prisoners play solitaire.
Surfers play board games.
Comedians play anything for a laugh.
The CIA staff love I Spy.
Snipers love hide and seek.
Peeping Toms love Hide and Peek.
Masochists delight in playing golf.
Sadomasochists play the Stock Market.
Thill seekers love Risk.
Skydivers hate playing Kerplunk.
Storm Casers love Twister.
Lovers enjoy making up after crosswords.
Swingers love connect four.
Most reporters dedicate their lives to Trivial Pursuit.
Sumo wrestlers love squash.
Chinese diners love playing Chopsticks.
Tap Dancing, the sport of plumbers.
American Idol Contestants love to play Simon.