Observational Humor — Case Study #18

Here’s another Toastmasters Observational Humor monologue.

THE SET UP (What happened and what was said during the meeting before the monologue was presented.

1.  An evaluator commended a speaker for keeping the comments at the start of his talk “YOU focused.”

2.  A new member told us how to pronounce his unusual name.  He said he was from the Ukraine where his name is normal.

3.  During a segment on New Year’s resolutions, Gretchen told us of the exciting success of her new business.

4.  Bill Jacky told us this was the first New Years Eve in 20 years that he got eight hours of sleep.

5.  S (that’s his name) commented that he was amazed that Steve Pavlina’s solar watch worked at night.

6.  A name on the printed program agenda was misspelled.  Guy Burns was listed as Buy Burns. 

7.  A speaker referred to Bill Jacky as Bob Jacky.

8.  One of our members is named Mary Coon.


I tried to think of a joke about a female sheep.  I wanted the Observational Humor to be EWE focused.
(Played with a sound-alike word.)

My name is K-I-N-D-E.  It’s pronounced KIN-DEE.  I’m from North Dakota where that’s a normal name.
(I compared my simple name with a complicated one, using the same pattern which had been previously used.)

I was motivated by Gretchen’s business success.  I made a resolution to move my business to her neighborhood.
(A simple joke, implying that WHERE her business was located was why it was successful.)

This New Years I couldn’t sleep a wink.  I couldn’t sleep with all of Bill Jacky’s snoring.
(Silly joke.  The very unexpected twist is what made it work so well.)

Steve’s solar watch works at night.  There’s a reason S and I didn’t understand that.  Steve has money.
(This piggybacked on somebody else’s observational humor.  My implication was that the cheap solar watch that S and I could afford would work only during daylight hours because we couldn’t affort a GOOD watch.)

And now Norwack The Magnificent.
(The answer-man delivery formula.  Answer first.  Followed by the question.)

The answer is:  Someone who would pay someone else to light them on fire.
And the question is:  Who would Buy Burns.

(During the meeting we had messed up two member’s names.  So I went looking for other play-on-names that I might use to turn it into a mini-list.)

The answer is:  A happy raccoon.
And the question is:  What is a Merry Coon.
(Again, playing with a homonym.)

The answer is:  Toastmaster Jacky and Toastmaster Lusk, if the moved to Buffalo, New York.
And the question is:  Who are the Buffalo Bills.  Asuming Bill Jacky doesn’t change his name to Bob.
(Simple joke with an observational topper.  Just when they think the joke is over, you lay on the second joke.)

The answer is:  Pets that salivate when you ring a bell.
And the question is:  What are Pavlina’s dogs.
(A simple association with Pavlov’s dogs.)