Cartoon Caption Contest

It’s time for our February Cartoon Caption Contest featuring the artwork of Dan Rosandich.

Look for our new Quirky Clothing Joke Contest on February 15.

Here is this month’s cartoon.  Following the cartoon I’ve posed some questions to jump-start your creative thinking.

February Cartoon

At first glance, the cartoon appears to be a living room scene with a father giving money to his son.  You may come up with some lines based on that premise.

Stepping outside the box of your first assumptions about the cartoon gives you fresh angles to explore for humor. 

Asking yourself some questions about the cartoon can point you in a creative direction.  Here are some examples:

What’s unusual about the boy’s allowance?
When are you going to start giving me allowance money that’s printed?

Can you reverse something?  Is the boy giving money to the man?
I’m tired of my internet business supporting the both of us.  It’s time you got a job, Dad.

What small detail in the drawing might offer a twist?
Ten bucks isn’t going to fix the bullet holes in my face.

Is the mother involved in this transaction?
Son, you working as a lobbyist for your mother is getting expensive.

Can the cartoon be linked to something in the news?
It’s Monday, Dad…time for our family stimulus rebate.

Any of those questions could stimulate dozens of ideas for funny lines.

Here are some more questions.

If the man is not the father, who could he be?  A neighbor?
If the boy is not the son, who could he be?  The paperboy?
Is the boy being paid for something?  Just mowed the lawn?
What else could be happening here?  Rationing toilet paper?
Will the boy be running an errand to buy something?  Get shoes for the man?
Are they at home?  Are they in a hotel room?

You can probably come up with a dozen more questions about the cartoon.  The questions will stimulate your creativity.

Here’s your writing challenge:

1.  Start by coming up with creativity-stimulating questions.

2.  Brainstorm some funny lines.

3.  Sleep on your ideas and then pass them by your humor buddy.

4.  Rewrite.  Tighten the wording.  Find the best words.  Keep the punch word at the end.

5.  Pick your best humor lines and send them to us at by February 15, 2008.

6.  The best lines will be posted in the Humor Power Blog by the end of the month.

7.  Good luck and happy writing!

Check out Dan Rosandich’s web site for an extensive directory of cartoons.  Dan is available for customized cartoon work for your book, web site, T-Shirt, Ezine, and more.  Contact Dan for more information at