Humor and The 2008 Super Bowl Ads

Public speakers can learn valuable lessons from watching the Super Bowl.

Humor Sells.  Advertisers sponsoring the dozens of ads must know something.  They’re spending $2,700,000 for a 30-second ad.  Two-thirds of the ads featured humor as the main hook.  Humor must sell.

Humor Creates Buzz.  Super Bowl ads have gained the reputation of being one of THE things to watch during the game!  Some people take their bathroom breaks during the game so they don’t miss the commercials.  The network even pointed you to a website where you could watch the commercials again or send your friends. 

Using the Topper.  Several of the commercials used the technique of adding a topper line, one final punchline, just when you thought it was over…another laugh line.  A good technique which keeps people watching.  In the list of best humor commercials below, the most notable topper ads are indicated in CAPS.

The Host Network Uses Humor Too.  Fox used humor in their commercials to promote their shows and tied them into the Super Bowl theme:  Prison Break, House (not included on the website summary), American Idol, Moment of Truth.

The Audience Feeds You Energy.  When speaking, the audience sends positive energy to you.  Note that the half-time entertainment which featured Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers brought hundreds (thousands?) of fans onto the field to stand in front of the stage, waving their arms in the air and singing.  It increased the audience connection of the performers many-fold.  An empty field in front of the stage would have been an energy draining void.  Never underestimate the power of the audience to energize your talks.

Top Humor Commercials On The 2008 Super Bowl:
1.  BUD LIGHT FIRE (1st quarter)  My favorite ad.
2.  Tide To Go (2nd quarter)  Bizarre, but I liked it.
3.  BUD LIGHT FLYING (3rd quarter)  Same joke theme as the Bud Light Fire commercial.
4.  BUD LIGHT ACCENTS (2nd quarter)  Used a running gag from one of last year’s top commercials.
5.  Planters Nuts (2nd quarter)
6.  Vitamin Water (3rd quarter)
7.  BUD LIGHT CAVEMEN (3rd quarter)
8.  ETrade Baby (3rd  quarter)
9.  Diet Pepsi Max (1st quarter)
10. Bridgestone squirrel (1st quarter)
11. Fed Ex (2nd quarter)
12. Toyota Corolla (2nd quarter)
13. GARMIN (2nd quarter)
14. Sobe (2nd quarter)
15. PEPSI STUFF (2nd quarter)
16. Etrade Balloon (4th quarter)

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