Thinking Funny — Cartoon Caption Contest

Here are the top lines from the February Cartoon Caption Contest.

Our contests feature the artwork of Dan Rosandich.  Visit his web site to see how he can create custom cartoons for your next project, book, newsletter, website, T-shirt and more.

And now for the best lines.

February Cartoon


Dad, can I go to the movies before I practice my drums?
     Donna Jaffke, Kokomo, Indiana USA


Here are some fresh bills hot off the press…buy something at the convenience store and let me know if they work this time.
     Ken VanDrese, Escanaba, Michigan USA


Is this for caddying or for turning your bogies into birdies?
     Les Harden, Brisbane, Australia

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

The Patriots lost, Dad.  Now pay up.
I gotta tell you…that was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen anyone eat. I’d say that was worth at least $5.
And remember next time to move the garden hose BEFORE mowing my lawn.
Here’s the deal. I can give you $20 now or I can pay for you college education. Pick one.
I need a bigger allowance dad…Starbucks raised their prices.
The sub prime mortgage market has hit everybody hard but you signed the note!
$10 to listen to your Toastmaster’s Speech, $10 more and I’ll do an evaluation.
$20 and your wife thinks you’re coaching little league on Saturdays.
As you consider payment, I hope you’re conversant with the state’s Child Exploitation laws?
Right Mr Katt, you’re the expert and I never fixed your computer.
Only $5 more and I’ll program your VCR.
I wonder if Donald Trump started with a tightwad Dad.
Son, it’s your 18th birthday, and it’s about time you grow up.  Here, get yourself some HGH.
Dad, I don’t want my allowance anymore in American money. Yesterday the dollar fell to its lowest point in seven weeks against the Euro.
Downloading pictures from your digital camera…$10.00
  Downloading Music to you IPOD…$20.00
    Telling your wife you did it?…$157.23