How To Read Our Newsletter and Blog

Here is some information on how we put together our Newsletter and Blog posts.  It will help you scan them to find information that is of interest to you.

If you’re a regular reader of the Blog, nearly all the links in the Newsletter are to Blog posts since the previous issue of the Newsletter.  As a Blog reader, what IS new for you in the Newsletter is the feature article provided in the Newsletter text (not a link).  Each featured article averages about 1000 words.  If you were a Blog reader and NOT a newsletter subscriber, you would miss 24 featured articles each year.

If you’re primarily a Newsletter reader and read the Blog posts only through the Newsletter links, the Newsletter allows you to quickly skim and click only on articles of interest.  For example, if you’re only interested in joke contest results…the links are clearly marked and you can quickly find them and skip everything else. 

The articles written for the Newsletter have not previously appeared in the Blog.  After one year, I occasionally review and update some of the Newsletter articles and post them to the Blog for the first time.  The Newsletter subscribers get the information first.  However, most of the Blog posts are first-time articles which have not been previously posted anywhere else and are available to Newsletter readers in the form of links, two weeks after their publication.

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Thanks to all our subscribers.  We appreciate your interest in humor and the kind notes you send our way.  Be sure to let us know if there is anything you’re not seeing that you would enjoy reading about.