One More Funny Pirate Caption

Okay, now open up and say “aaaarrrrggghhhhh”…

It’s a funny line.  And I meant to include it in the Honorable Mention list.

I also indended to include an explanation with the results post.  And I forgot.  We normally get an average of 400-500 submissions.  And surprisingly, we rarely have duplicates.  In a normal contest we might have one line duplicated in all the entries.  In the pirate contest, over 20 people submitted jokes with “say arrrrrrgh” as the punchline.  Good writing.  I like the line.  The problem with recognizing the line with so many duplications is that when you publish it as a top-three line, 20 other people are thinking “hey, that was MY line!”  Or, as an Honorable Mention, they’re thinking, “there’s my line, but they changed the words a little.”  A second consideration; with so many people submitting the line, it was considered by the judges to be too obvious.  In my opinion, however, it’s good writing and is funny.  I had intended to publish one of the variations as an Honorable Mention with an explanation.  Arrrrrrrgh!

The full results post immediately follows this post.