Storytelling and Public Speaking

Internationally-known Story Coach Doug Stevenson has posted a video on YouTube which brings to life 9 steps from his Story Theater Method.  The video is fun and instructional and it’s less than 10 minutes in length.  It illustrates creating a story that is a movie in the minds of the listeners.  You’ll enjoy it.

Here are the 9 Steps.

Step 1:  Set the scene.
Step 2:  Introduce the characters.
Step 3:  Begin the journey.
Step 4:  Encounter the obstacle.
Step 5:  Overcome the obstacle.
Step 6:  Resolve the story.
Step 7:  Make the point.
Step 8:  Ask the question.
Step 9:  Repeat the point.

Here’s the link to the video.

Check out Doug’s website for more information on the Story Theater Method.