Creating Humor — Cartoon Caption Contest Results

Here are the top captions from our Bug Court Cartoon Caption Contest.

Look for our next Cartoon Caption Contest on May 1, 2008.

Our next Joke Writing Contest is announced on May 15.

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And here are this month’s top captions:

Bug Court


Your Honor, you must find my client innocent of the flower shop theft charge. Anyone knows an ant can’t move a rubber tree plant.
     Derek Bly, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada


I object, your Honor.  I’m a litterbug!  What was I supposed to do?
     Randy Hunt, Chicago, Illinois, USA

** THIRD PLACE (tie) **

For my first witness I call “the fly upon the wall.”
     Andy Dolphin, Mount Barker, Western Australia

**THIRD PLACE (tie) **

Then along came a spider…
     Les Harden, Brisbane, Australia

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

– If I had wings I’d take my case to the high court!
– I oppose bail on the basis that Mr Moth poses a flight risk.
– Mister Centipede was at least one hundred feet away when the crime took place.
– I’m not nervous…I’m a Jitterbug.
– On one hand he looks guilty, on the other hand it’s circumstantial, on the 3rd hand he wasn’t there, and on the 4th hand…
– A little mercy your honor, I have a wife and 4,000 kids to feed.
– Are you kidding?  5 days in jail is a life sentence!
– Yes! I was a witness. The sky darkened and then a giant shoe…
– I will show the jury how the victim was simply enjoying some breakfast when he was struck with a rolled-up newspaper.
– Makeup will do you no good!   This show’s gotta air tonight!  And where’s Judge Judy?
– Your Honor, my client and I do not consider a bunch of Dung Beetles, Black Widow Spiders and Stink Bugs a jury of our peers!
– Beetle Bailey is appearing in this court under false pretenses.
– I am petitioning the court to put a bug in the house.
– Your Honor, I would like to submit this document as exhibit A but I am afraid that it is fly paper and I can’t get loose.
– 98,676 witnesses at the colony can’t all be wrong.
– Mr and Mrs Mantis were married; therefore his death was a joint venture agreement.
– The court will see, the defendants only crime was to respond to natural urges.
– Since Greg the grub’s metamorphism, he has failed to be identified in any line up.
– It’s not a fair jury; seven of the twelve are gardeners!
– If the glove is snug it must be a bug!
– Your Honor, the accused is charged with a heinous act of insecticide.
– We need an adjournment; three members of the jury are building cocoons.
– My client pleads for leniency…it’s not easy being a centipede with a shoe fetish!
– What is the sentence?  12 days of jail!  Couldn’t you just outright say ‘twice the lifetime’?