Friends and Laughter

What an enjoyable morning.  I Played disc golf with my friends  Darren LaCroix and Steve Pavlina.  It was a close three-way match up ending in a sudden-death playoff.  Great fun.  It’s played on a special course with chain baskets and frisbees.   Las Vegas has a couple courses set up in the city parks.  We hadn’t played much since the weather cooled down and we look forward to getting back into the swing of things by playing weekly again as we have for the past few years. 

The best thing about playing is the joking around.  We encourage each other and at the same time kid around, poking fun at all aspects of our games.  We’re competitive and decent players, but by no means pros.  So there’s plenty of room for laughing at our game, while still taking the game very seriously.

I remember a TV interview where Christopher Reeve said that the true essence of life was our relationships…not our money, cars, houses and things.  One of the measures of our wealth is how often we laugh with our friends and loved ones.  That’s what energizes me.  I had a terrific time, in spite of losing on the first hole of sudden death! 

We joke about the discs which get stuck in the trees, the imaginary magnets planted on the course to mess up our competitor’s game, the wind that blows the discs off course.  On the sudden-death playoff we had color commentary on the Novice versus the Member of the Senior Tour.  There seemed to be something to kid about on every hole.

Looking back on my life, I have special memories of those who made me laugh the most.  My good friend from high school days, Ed Hunt.  We still talk about our funny stories and some of the really stupid things we did.  My buddy from my Air Force days, Charlie Bitner, with whom I would take my Charlie Breaks.  Who needs a coffee break when you can take a Charlie Break?  He could always bring a smile and a laugh to my face.  Not an easy task!  And my good friend Maureen Keene who recently moved to Phoenix.  I miss our laughter-filled dinners.  Her birthday is next week.  Hopefully we’ll connect and share some laughs if she visits Las Vegas this week.

I hope your life is filled with people who bring you sunshine.  We need to avoid toxic people as much as possible.  On my 30-minute drive home from the disc golf course, I had a guy honk at me (it seemed like 15 seconds) for making a right turn into his lane.  It was “my bad”…I didn’t realize that he was going about 60 MPH or that my Honda Civic wouldn’t have much zip on that upgrade.  I should have been tuned into those things, but I wasn’t.  But, it was obvious that he was in a big rush to get home to argue with his wife.  So I didn’t dwell on the incident…for more than 60 seconds.  He’s probably one of those toxic people that I’m thankful not to have in MY life.  If you run into someone who pushes your buttons…that’s OK…you’re normal…just get over it quickly.  And then hang out with the fun people in your life.  And never take them for granted.  They are a gift.

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