Creative Humor Writing — Contest Results

Here are the top lines from our Credit Union Cartoon Caption Contest.

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Our new caption contest will be posted tomorrow.

Look for our new joke contest on June 15.

And now, here are the top entries selected by our panel of judges.

Credit Union


Lady, if I wanted to be robbed, I’d have gone to a bank.
     Les Harden, Brisbane, Australia


If I don’t get that loan to buy myself a diamond earring, all the guys at the truck stop will think I’m a wimp.
     Sol Morrison, Santa Barbara, California, USA


Wow, that’s really a rich men’s club!  401K plan?  I don’t even have 3K now.
     Grant Pan, Wilton, Connecticut, USA

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

– But without this loan…I can’t pay your last loan. 
– And make sure your repossession agents don’t come before 10:00 am.
– I need that loan today! I have a video chat with my online girlfriend tonight and she thinks I’m only 28.
– I’m sorry, I just can’t give you any credit.  I already saw that joke on
– What do you mean I have to roll over my “Cool Biker Dudes” 401K account to the “Old Biker Dudes” account?
– I just want you to credit me for all the years I lost to drugs.
– 22% interest isn’t good enough for us to start a loving relationship.
– In my day, money was worth much more than gasoline.