Writing a Joke — Contest Results

It’s time for the results from our April Quirky Sports Teams joke contest.

New joke contests are announced on the 15th of the month.

New cartoon caption contests are announced on the first of the month.

Here are the top lines:


A cricket team with a vitamin C deficiency — The Rickety Crickets
     Martyn Bernstein, Oak Park, Illinois, USA


A team of spendthrifts who like to max out their credit cards — The Sans Dinero Chargers
     Takeshi Young, San Jose, California, USA


Texan hot air balloon racers — The Ballast Cowboys
     Abel Goddard, Cedar Hill, Texas, USA

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

– A team of cooks from Kansas — The Kansas City Chefs
– A team of sluggards from Wisconsin — The Green Bay Slackers
– A team of forest navigators — The Oak Land Radars
– A team who uses second-hand uniforms — The Old Jersey Nets
– A team of barbers from LA — The Los Angeles Clippers
– A racecar team of drug junkies — The Speed Racers
– A basketball team of stock market investors — The Chicago Bulls and Bears
– A fishing team of geometricians — The Right Anglers
– An olympic team of Polish athletes — The Pole Vaulters
– A skating team who lives dangerously — The Thin Ice Skaters
– An olympic team of small golfers — The Short Putters
– An equistrian team of underwear models — The Jockeys
– A body building team of lewd and vulgar musclemen — The Bawdy Builders
– A boardgame team of oriental inspectors — The Chinese Checkers
– A darts team of star wars fans — the Dart Vaders
– A Czechoslovakian basketball team for fraud artists — The Czech Bouncers
– The Bear-Stearns Downhill Racers
– A baseball team of Ohio communists — The Cincinnati Reds
– A debating team of entomologists — The Tick Talkers
– A bowling team of fast, accurate bowlers —  The Lightning Strikes
– A football team for East Coast comedians — The New York Jests
– A baseball team of landscapers — The Houston Astro-turfs
– A baseball team for oil well owners — The San Antonio Spurts
– A football team for crazy people — The Baltimore Raven-Maniacs
– A Bicycle club for old maids — The Spinsters
– Hang Gliding for Pedicurists — The Hang Nail Gliders