Your Sense of Humor — Funny Signs

I’m a fan of looking for humorous signs.  I have my own collection of photos.  Some of my favorites from the Las Vegas area are:

1.  A sign from Itchy’s Pizzaria — Everything is made from scratch!

2.  A sign next to a casino parking garage:  No Stopping.  Just below that sign, a STOP sign!

3.  A freeway exit sign:  Las Vegas Boulevard (Strip).  Maybe that explains all the naked drivers in Las Vegas!

I captured photos of all three of those signs before they were removed.  All three signs are now gone.  You need to keep your radar tuned.  Sometimes the photo ops are fleeting.

Looking for humorous signs when traveling abroad usually offers something to smile about.  Here is a link to some signs which are lost in translation.  I’m sure tourists to the USA find humor in our signs which have translations in their native language.  Probably more so, because Americans are some of the least likely people in the world to be bi-lingual. 

When it comes to humor, keep your eyes focused on the signs around you…and always carry a camera.  Signs are a great place to find a laugh or two.