A Toastmaster Speaks in China

Darren LaCroix (2001 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking) recently visited the MSD Toastmasters Club in Shanghai, China.  He has posted a nine-minute video sharing his experience

I found the video interesting and fun to watch.  More importantly, it teaches us some valuable lessons on speaking internationally.

First, Darren opens with a greeting in Chinese.  A great way to connect with an audience who was already gracious.

Second, Darren’s pace at the start was deliberate.  He didn’t race through his opening.  One of the most difficult things about listening to someone speak a foreign language is that the native speakers “speak so fast!”  His slightly-slower pacing allowed the audience to get used to his voice, style and accent.

Third, the audience laughed at the funny parts of the speech.  Wow!  That would certainly be a concern of mine.  Would they find the humor funny?  The Shanghai audience obviously was understanding and appreciating the humor.  It was clear to me that they would be laughing all the way through the talk.

I look forward to listening to additional stories from Darren about the experience.  He’s in my Toastmasters Club here in Las Vegas and we play disc (Frisbee) golf together, so I’ll have an opportunity to hear more.