Funny Short Film

Paul Lirette produced a short film for the 48-Hour Film Project 2008.  Paul is a very talented improv player and is a member of my performing troupe in Las Vegas.

The challenges for the film project:

1.  Produce a film in 48 hours.

2.  Include a character named George or Gina Longfellow, PR Whiz.

3.  Use a backpack as a prop.

4.  Use the line:  “Can I get a little peace and quiet.”

5.  The film’s genre had to be:  A film de femme which required a strong female character.

I love the film.  Lots of humor and very nicely done.

I’d suggest you watch the eight-minute film, Reactive, before you read my comments.


1.  Notice how inserting the symptom list provided a set-up for several gags.  In fact, the symptom list itself was a punchline since one of the symptoms had already occurred.

2.  They took a less-than-direct approach to the name Longfellow.  A recent marriage made it a hyphenated name.

3.  Word play:  Cher/Noble, Tinnitus.

4.  Theme of the film related to recent current events:  Consumer product safety issues with imported goods.

5.  Notice the power of commitment to a character.