Joke Contest — Creative Humor Writing

Our July Joke Contest is a spin-off of our Tiny Homes contest in June.

It’s time to explore the opposite angle of home size:  The Big House!

The classic cliche is that a home is so big it has its own zip code or area code.  That could be slanted to:  My home is so big it has three micro-climates.

Here are three other angles to jump-start your thinking:

  – My house is so big, my mother-in-law can visit for two weeks and I never see her.

  – My single-story house is so big it has three elevators.

  – My house is so big that the front yard is in California and the back yard is in Hawaii.  You should see the pool.

Put on your humor hat and get to work.  Write as many lines as you can.  Set them aside and revisit them a couple of days later.  Rewrite and refine.  Look for funnier words.  Submit your best lines to by July 31, 2008.