Tiny Homes Joke Contest Results

Here are the result of our Tiny Home Joke Contest.  The theme was suggested by Steve and Erin Pavlina.

Look for our next contest: The Big House!

Our Cartoon Caption Contests are announced on the first of the month and our Joke Contests are announced in the middle of the month.

Now it’s time for our top lines:


I like it, but it’s a little snug. Does it come in 10.5 in brown suede?
     Roland Taub, Houston, Texas, USA


Not a typo. It is square inches.
     Arun K, Chennai, India


Great walk-in closet. I’m dying to see the rest of the place.
     Keith Connes, Goleta, California, USA

HONORABLE MENTION (in random order)

  – The front door and the back door are the same door.
  – The living room set was made by Mattel.
  – I think you could get more square-footage, for less, simply by committing a felony.
  – It’s really all about location…there is nothing else left.
  – So…how long have we been stuck in the elevator? Oops, sorry I guess didn’t notice there were no buttons next to your door.
  – We hired a closet organizer to decorate our new apartment.
  – Ad on Craigslist: Looking for a roommate who could share the rent and has an alternative place to live on Wed-Fri.
  – This must be the 7-dwarf’s guest bungalow.
  – Honey, I shrunk the house.
  – A realtor to a prospect:  This house was designed and owned by a famous movie star…Yoda.
  – I built a house like this once.  Of course, I was 6 and it was made of Lincoln Logs.
  – Besides a microwave oven, it has a microwave refrigerator, a microwave toaster, and a microwave hot tub.
  – The refrigerator dairy section can only hold Condensed Milk and Quarter-&-Quarter Cream.
  – “I won’t have THIS breathe all our oxygen tonight” said hubby…and then he took away my parsley mini-pot.
  – My home is so small that the home security system is a soldier ant.
  – You are so full of hot air that you can heat the whole house with one breath.
  – Heating bill? Nah, we just light a candle.
  – My home is so small we use it when we play Monopoly.

Steve Pavlina and Erin Pavlina suggested the Tiny Home contest theme.  Here are some more of their lines:

  – Look, when I stand here, I’m in four different rooms at once.
  – When we look out our window in Las Vegas, we can see the back of the wall you see out your window in Manhattan.
  – How much of the leftovers do we need to eat before we can fit them in your fridge?
  – My coffee cup won’t fit on your coffee table. I should have bought an espresso.
  – When you go to bed, do you sleep with the lid open or closed?
  – Why does it smell like sardines in here?
  – When you meet a neighbor in the hallway, who has to back up?
  – We like how your apartment mandates that when one door closes, another door opens.
  – Does my purse count as a carry-on bag?
  – Did you just move in? The directory still lists your apartment as belonging to Frodo.
  – We just met your neighbors in the hallway:  Happy, Sleepy, and Dopey.
  – Can you verify that your address is Apt 416-3/158ths?
  – Why did a computer voice just announce that we only have 30 minutes of oxygen remaining?